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  A professional instructor will show you fun steps, lead/follow skills and proper technique. 
Progress up to three times faster than studio group lessons.  We offer ballroom, Latin, swing, and country styles.  You can look like a pro with any dance style you choose.  Get the same quality instruction at a fraction of the cost of studio lessons!

(559) 304-5560

Wedding Choreography

You've planned every detail to perfection.  How about your first dance?  Learn a fun, customized wedding dance that will wow your guests and be remembered for years to come.  Create something as energetic or as formal as you like.  You pick the song, we'll do the rest. 

             Call now to schedule your first lesson!  (559) 304-5560

Ballroom For Beginners
"I can't dance ... I have two left feet."
                            Only four-legged animals have two left feet.

"I can't dance ... I don't have a partner."
                            You don't need a partner to take lessons.

"But I've never danced before ... "
                            So now you can learn.

Call Franco to schedule your lesson now!
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in Fresno
and Visalia!
Michele & Adam Zipper
Go to WWW.FRANCOPRODUCTION.COM For details on times and where to purchase tickets by 10/17/16
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